3 Tips To Help You Pack Like A Pro

Relocating due to a promotion, job opportunity, or relationship can be exciting. Before you can begin the next phase of your life in your new home, you need to get all of your belongings moved in. Packing can be a source of stress and contention for most movers.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help you pack more efficiently in order to reduce the stress associated with your upcoming move.

1. Let your drawers double as moving boxes.

Anytime you can find a way to reduce the amount of physical packing that needs to be done, you can reduce the amount of time and energy required to complete your move. One of the easiest tips you can use to save time when packing is to allow your drawers to double as moving boxes.

Rather than taking clothing items out of dresser drawers, wrap each drawer in plastic wrap with the contents still intact. The plastic wrap will prevent any items from spilling out, and you can simply remove it and slide the drawers into your dressers at your new home to reduce the amount of time it takes to get settled after a move.

2. Fill suitcases with heavy items.

If you have rolling suitcases that you will be taking from your old home to your  new one, these suitcases can easily transport heavy items.

Packing a lot of books into boxes can make it difficult to move the boxes. The box could tear, and your back could become strained from lifting the book-laden boxes. When you place these heavy items into rolling suitcases instead, you can simply roll your books into the moving truck with ease.

3. Protect yourself from sharp objects.

Your kitchen is filled with tools that could cause injury if not packed properly. Sharp objects (like knives) can easily move around inside of a box during transit. If you stick your hand into a moving box to start unpacking, you could slice open your hand on the sharp end of a knife.

Protect yourself from injury by placing the sharp end of your knives inside an oven mitt before packing. Secure the top of the oven mitt with a rubber band, and you will protect both your hands and the blades of your knives from damage during a move.

Taking the time to remember some simple packing tips can eliminate a lot of the stress associated with a move. Be sure that you wrap drawers in plastic, pack heavy items in suitcases, and put knives in an oven mitt and you will be on your way to packing like a professional.

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