Moving Into A Single-Family Home With Friends? 3 Tips For Maximizing Your Savings

Growing up in the same neighborhood for your entire life is an easy way to make lifelong friends. As you get older, graduate from high school, and find a job, you may want to move out of your parent's house. Although you can do perfectly fine with strangers for roommates by advertising online, you may feel more comfortable moving in with your closest friends. After signing a rental lease on a single-family home, you should all look to save as much money as you can when moving into the home.

Share a Moving Truck

An easy way to save money is by sharing a moving truck among all of your friends. Renting two, three, or four moving trucks is only going to cost an excessive amount of money. If you are all under 21, you should see if any older brothers or sisters would be willing to help you out with the move and rent the truck. Some companies charge underage fees all the way up to 23 years old, so you must look at the local details. It is best to pitch in to get insurance to keep the driver from being financially responsible in a collision.

Collaborate on Essentials

As soon as you move in, you are going to need a number of household essentials such as furniture and kitchenware. While it might be exciting to head out shopping with your friends for these new items, this can also be costly. Ideally, you should see if there is any furniture or items that you can take from each home. You may be able to contribute an old couch while your friends may have extra pots and pans.

Hire for Unloading

It is ideal when you can get help from your family for loading possessions into the moving truck. But, if they are quite busy, they may not be able to assist you with bringing everything into your new home. If you want to hire a moving company for any part of the process, unloading might be the best time. Professionals can keep you and your friends from risking an injury, and they can take care of it in no time at all. When you are able to collaborate by getting a single moving truck, this will be even cheaper and faster.

Deciding to move in with friends instead of strangers makes it a lot easier to save money. Working together and following the methods above will help you all save a great deal of money on the move.

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