Staying Organized When Making A Move To A New Office

If your small business is moving to another part of town (click here for more info on a moving company), steps to ensure organization are key in being able to get up and running promptly after your relocation. There are several steps one can take when packing office belongings. Here are a few tips to use to ensure your documents and office supplies do not become shuffled around during the move, making it difficult to conduct business efficiently once you get to your new office.   

Decide On A Fool-Proof Coding Plan

When packing office items, having a plan in place to code your belongings will be extremely helpful when you are left with a pile of boxes to unpack and put away. Many find that using a color-coding or numerical system works well. Before you start placing items in boxes, determine which system would work best for you. Start by listing the areas where items will be relocated on a piece of paper, for example, desk items, filing, or ongoing work. 

Decide if each category will obtain a unique color or a number. Write the number or use colored tape, index cards, or labels to help you identify the category of the enclosed items in each box. Write the contents of the boxes on your list so you can find them easily when you get to your new office. Using a combination of color-coding and numbers can be beneficial if you have several items of one category.

Use High-Quality Packing Items

Skimping on quality packing tools can make a move difficult. Make sure to have new cardboard boxes rather than reuse older ones so there is less risk of them falling apart while being moved. Use thick packing tape to ensure the boxes remain sealed. Invest in colored labels, index cards, or tape if you plan on using color-coding. A thick, black marker will also be beneficial so you can read any wording you put on the boxes easily. This will also help the local moving company in placing the boxes in the appropriate area of the building you are moving to. Make sure to label each side of each box, as well as the top.  

Consider Renting A Storage Unit

Many find they wait too long to pack their items, especially if they are conducting business up to the scheduled moving day. Instead of stuffing items into boxes at the last second, consider renting storage to place items you do not use often. This will allow you to continue your sorting and organizing in the storage unit itself before you bring the items to your new office.    

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