Moving Hacks That Make Packing A Breeze

Moving is exhausting. Packing is the most time-consuming and stressful part for most people. There are things you can do to make packing easier. You need to learn some moving hacks to simplify the big day. Here are some packing tips that can cut your time in half and save you some money on moving supplies.

Saran Wrap Everything

Okay, you don't want to saran wrap everything, but you'll use it a lot. Make sure you buy a few rolls when you go to the store for moving supplies. There are many things that you can use saran wrap on to save you time and money. For example, keep your clothes in your drawers, and wrap them with saran wrap. You will use less boxes and tape, and it only takes a minute to wrap your drawers. You won't need to worry about packing those clothes just to unpack them later. You can also use the saran wrap on jewelry displays and silverware. Instead of tossing loose silverware into a box, keep it in the plastic holder and wrap the holder in the saran wrap.

Stretch Wrap Boxes

Moving boxes one at a time seems to take forever. You can cut your time in half by moving six or seven boxes at once. How do you carry that many boxes? You don't even have to carry them. Stack your boxes two wide and three or four high. Once you have a stack, wrap them in stretch wrap so they're all stuck together. Once they're wrapped, use a utility cart to move them together onto the moving truck. If you keep boxes together from the same room, you can load and unload a room at a time.

Utilize Sandwich Bags

If you have to take furniture apart, make sure you put the screws in sandwich bags so they don't get lost. Too many people stick them in their pocket as they work. They end up having a pocket full of screws that go to many different types of furniture and they're all mixed together. When you take apart a piece of furniture, put the screws in a sandwich bag, and then use packing tape to tape the bag to one of the furniture pieces.

Color Code

Buy different color duct tape for each room in your home. Tear off a large piece and put one on each box. While labels work, they can be difficult to see when you're busy. This way, you won't have to search for labels. You can see which room boxes go to from a distance.

Moving is stressful, but packing can be easier. Try these moving hacks and you'll see how much easier moving can be. Make sure you hire some movers to get your boxes to your new home so you can relax after all that packing. To find out more, speak with a business like Redondo Van & Storage.

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