Storing Your Electronics

When you need to temporarily store electronics, a storage unit may be the best choice for you. Perhaps you are temporarily working overseas or have moved in with your parents or someone else. If you cannot take your television or PC with you, a proper storage space is essential to protecting your possessions from both theft and harm. When it comes to your gadgets, renting a storage space just makes sense. 


Extreme temperatures are particularly harmful to electronics, particularly your computers. If they get too hot or too cold, their delicate components can be damaged. Wiring can corrode and other parts can crack. Experts recommend keeping these items in moderate temperatures. You can rent a climate controlled storage unit that allows you to maintain temperatures between 50 and 80 degrees, which should prevent heat or cold damage to your electronics. 


When you are storing valuable items such as electronics, you need a unit with excellent security. Search for a facility that offers inside units because these are easier to protect from intruders. They will have a difficult if not impossible time gaining entrance. Well-lit facilities are always preferable, and those with key coded locks offer superior security as well. Although security cameras are nearly ubiquitous theses days, not every business maintains theirs well. Ask the management how the footage is collected and saved before you rent from them. 


Experts recommend storing your electronics in their original packaging if possible. Of course, the number of people who actually keep these boxes is small, so you can substitute thick cartons that you buy from a discount store. Surround the item with packing material such as bubble wrap and seal the boxes with tape to protect the contents from dirt and grime. Do not mark the boxes "television" or "computer" in case a thief does gain entrance. Use numbers or a code you devise. Also, place these items in the back of the unit, preferably on a pallet or shelf to keep them off the floor in case of flooding. 

Storing your expensive electronic items requires more care than your other possessions. Even older models of televisions and computers require moderate temperatures and excellent security. If you are going to be separated from these items for more than a week or two, choosing a storage unit is an excellent idea. The cost is modest, and the peace of mind you gain is worth the cost.

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