Moving Far With Ferrets? 4 Ways To Avoid A Stressful Situation For You And Them

While some pets—such as fish or a turtle—can be easy to move since they are less likely to cause a fuss, ferrets can come with a lot of challenges before a safe move to a new home. However, you can still have a positive experience moving with ferrets if you prepare ahead of time. If you need to stay at a hotel for one, two, or three nights throughout the entire drive, here are some tips on how to take care of your ferrets and avoid a stressful situation for everyone.

Set Up Their Cage in the Backseat

They should not be allowed to roam free at any point while you are driving, despite how often you normally let them roam free. If they have a large enough cage, you should set it up in the backseat of the car. Putting them in the backseat allows you to properly secure their cage with multiple seat belts.

Create a Ferret Station in the Hotel Bathroom

Finding pet-friendly hotels is not difficult, but some hotel managers may not want ferrets to stay in their rooms, especially when you travel across states where ferrets are illegal to own. However, you do have a number of options that are ferret-friendly, it is just a matter of calling hotels and asking.

After you have found places to stay, you need to figure out a game plan for the hotel experience. Although you could let them roam free in the guest room, you are better off keeping them in the bathroom. Ideally, you should not leave them alone at any point in time, but if you have to, make sure they are in the cage. Creating a ferret station in the bathroom is the easiest thing to do to avoid stress and room damage.

Make sure to put a disposable litter box in the bathroom, along with fresh food and water. It is helpful to bring along toys, blankets, or anything that has your smell on it to make them feel closer to home.

Bring a Thick Blanket to Put Over the Cage

When you move such a long distance and have a long drive ahead of you, you should create an environment for your ferrets that allows them to relax and sleep for the majority of the drive. Putting a thick blanket over the cage is a great way to shut out sunlight and prevent them from looking around. It is also important to avoid listening to loud music and to use the air conditioner to keep them cool.

While moving the furniture can be left up to a service like Bekins Van Lines Inc, you can guarantee a stress-free moving experience for your ferrets by using these tips.

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